Acne Exercise - How Exercises Can Reduce Acne

Published: 30th March 2007
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Exercises not only are they good for health and general wellbeing but they contribute to reducing acne. People who are affected by acne should exercise regularly. Stress is among the main causes for acne because it results in the over-production of hormones and exercising has the added benefit of rebalancing these hormones, hence reducing acne.

When you exercise, you increase blood circulation to the skin and your skin cells get oxygen. Sweating moderately is good and your pores will be cleaned inside your skin. Your skin will become healthier and acne outbreaks will be lessened or your existing ones can disappear. In general, all your acne skin problems will heal over time due to your exercising.

Exercising improves general fitness and your body organs will work more effectively resulting in toxins being released from your body with the sweat much more faster. Toxins are responsible for acne and when you don't exercise and perspire, they remain in your body and acne development and proliferation can occur. It's advised to drink lots of water as well when you exercise as water will flush away the toxins in your body.

Recommended exercises include swimming, jogging, cycling and walking.


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