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Published: 12th July 2006
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It's amazing how you can earn such easy money with the power of Google Adsense. By easy, I mean you don't need to make sales to generate money but just clicks on targeted ads. It couldn't be that simple. Of course you need to drive traffic to your site and as with everything in internet business, you can't get any income if you have no web traffic. Even if you can generate an extra $300-$500 per month, wouldn't that make a difference in your life? I bet it will. Google Adsense can easily cover your web hosting fees and you are already running on a profit just by using adsense. Of course there are some people who are earning thousands and tens of thousands of dollars with this program but this is not the norm for most participants. Income will vary depending on many factors like targeted traffic, number of websites, the more the better, the theme of your site whether the keywords being targeted are high paying ones on adsense. If you have a network of websites on high paying adsense keywords, you will get much more. Mind you that it's against Google terms to create websites for the sole purpose of generating income from adsense. Build a useful website, then integrate adsense in your content.

You need to realise that there are certain tips and techniques to take into consideration if you want to really profit from adsense. It's not just slapping an ad on your site and watch the money rolling in. You need to tweak your ad whether it's in appearance, placement or in content. Did you know that what you write on your web pages can have an effect on what ads appear on your web site? This is one of the key factors that can decide between a high earning adsense site and a low earning adsense one. Some keywords that are bidden on Google Adwords are extremely lucrative because they yield a high return on the clicks due to the fact that the advertisers are paying a hefty sum to get a top placement in the adwords ranking. The more you pay, generally you appear higher and in some niches, it costs a lot to get top ranking in adwords.

Say your site is about search engine optimization, you should try to write content focussing on this subject well so that you have ads on this topic. If some advertisers bidding on adwords have paid quite a lot for them and these advertisers' ads appear on your site, you will earn great income. Note that in an adsense ad unit, Google generally displays the highest paying advertisers. So in a block comprised of 4 ads generally, you can see only 3, 2 or 1 from time to time. This varies and is not static. Usually, the ad at the top pays higher.

Also you need to take into consideration the ad appearance because this can have a positive or negative effect on your click through rate of the ads. You can have an ad with border or a frameless one. You can have ads, background or links with specific colors, all these can be changed in your adsense settings on your web page. Usually an ad without border, blue links and which blends in your site content and background works pretty well. Ad formats like the leatherboard(728*90), the skycraper(160 * 600 or 120 * 600) or the square ones(336 * 280, 300 * 250 or 250 * 250) are most used.

Furthermore, adsense placement is crucial to your overall success. Ads above the fall generally viewable without scrolling down will get the most clicks and ads that are strategically integrated in your content will be more profitable. Ads at the bottom usually generate fewer clicks.

Google Adsense is a fantastic way to earn extra money and should be used by webmasters for an additional stream of revenue.


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